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Creating Connections

Urban Ecology Winnipeg is about the interactions between people, communities and the urban environment in our city.


By examining our city as part of connected social, ecological, and cultural processes, we can address interconnected systems rather than isolated issues. Urban ecology is about more than just about nature in the city—it's about cities within ecosystems and cities as ecosystems.

We seek to help people build holistic thought and action by creating opportunities for people to come together to explore our city's systems. By examining cities as part of connected social, cultural and ecological processes, advocates, activists, educators, designers, and others can develop more holistic solutions to problems


Who's behind this project?

This project is initiated by settlers living on the traditional lands of the Anishinaabeg, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota, and Dene peoples, and in the homeland of the Métis Nation. We recognize the need to listen and learn from examples of community and ecological resilience, including respectfully learning about ways that Indigenous world-views can inform and lead approaches to repairing relationships with the land.

 We are grateful to be supported by the Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources who have provided guidance around inclusion of Indigenous perspectives and project support in other vital ways. We are also grateful to the many individuals who have taken time to meet with us to share their knowledge, offer feedback, guidance and direction. An advisory circle is being created to help shape this project moving forward, if you are interested in getting involved, get in touch.

The Learning from the Land, in the City series of walks explored how our city functions as a connected social and ecological system. We know that the health of people and the land are intimately connected, but what does this look like in an urban setting? How does urbanization and colonization change ecosystems and impact communities? How can we design cities to work in harmony with natural systems and be more socially and ecologically resilient?

Project Organizers


Matt Carreau

Urbanist, Designer

Matt is passionate about cities, design and 'whole systems thinking'. He initiated this project to start a dialogue about the need for more holistic ways of thinking about cities and problems rooted in the wisdom of ecology. Matt loves organizing learning events that bring interdisciplinary groups together to generate creative ideas. He was the lead organizer for Jane's Walk in Winnipeg from 2011 to 2016.


Marika Olynyk

Ecologist, Educator

Marika works in the areas of ecology, environmental education, and public engagement. She is excited to contribute to this project as she strives to facilitate meaningful opportunities for people to connect with the natural world and explore their role within it.



frozen tree image_Douglas Evans.jpg
Image: Douglas Evans

A variety of different educational approaches creates an opportunity to share between disciplines, and many educators in Winnipeg have expressed a desire to meet and learn from each other. The pandemic has also highlighted interest in and opportunity for non-traditional forms of education, and created a renewed engagement in urban ecosystems in the general public.

Participants will be educators, community leaders, and those who enable land-based, nature-based, ecological, outdoor, and experiential learning in Winnipeg, coming from both formal and informal education and learning.

Facilitators and hosts will be Urban Ecology Winnipeg and FortWhyte Alive. This project grows from Urban Ecology Winnipeg’s Learning from the Land in the City series of events.

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Upcoming Virtual Workshop:

Connecting and Learning:

Winnipeg’s land-based, nature-based, and environmental education

Date: Friday March 26, 2021

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Learning from the Land, in the City
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